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Wed, Mar. 25th, 2009, 10:09 pm
damnitnicole: admin-ish post

I changed the community settings to moderated membership a few weeks ago. We were having Russian Spammer issues.
Now, all of a sudden, people are joining again! Like, actual, non-bot humans!

So, the question: are we reviving this community, kiddos? Last post was from 2007, about a diner that, while tasty and wonderful, isn't even in Jersey! We have people commenting stuff about Jack-In-The-Box (which I love to death, but isn't a diner in the least).

If we are, here's some stuff to go from: in the last two years, I've discovered that the claims of people from outside NJ that they have diners are not entirely false!

Michigan has what they call "Coney Islands," which are kind of like a cross between Waffle House and a Diner, but not chains.

Denver, CO, has at least a couple of really awesome, greek-owned places around the city that are open 24/7, serve breakfast all day, and just generally have the right attitude. I don't think you'll ever find a hard roll in Denver, but I'm counting that as an acceptable regional difference. My favorites were Breakfast King and Mac's.

As the last poster stated, Marietta, GA is home to the Marietta Diner. I'll admit to not taking that post seriously in 2007 (yes I am this much of a food snob,) but I've since eaten there a few times, and if Topps in East Newark, NJ still qualifies as a diner, then so is the Marietta Diner.

Finally, this sort of goes with a question I posed a long time ago about Denny's and IHOP and chain places in general, but do we want to count Waffle House in dinerland? I know our membership is mostly from the northeastern USA, so who in here has eaten at one, and can help decide? I'm heading towards a "yes" vote, on the grounds that Waffle House feels more like White Rose and less like Denny's at 3am when I'm drunk.

Comment! Post some stuff about diners! Invite your friends to join!

Sat, Mar. 28th, 2009 04:54 am (UTC)

As a non-bot human member, id also like to express my desire for some more activity here! I'm an avid north jersey diner goer and im always searching for new ones to explore. I always thought we needed something just as this group to help choose which adventure the group would on on that night...but alas there isnt much activity.

A new one opened in Hackensack...ChitChat diner on essex. 24 hours...square plates...and free wifi. They also leave a little box of conversation or...chitchat... starters on the table. So far, I'm diggin it.


Sat, Mar. 28th, 2009 12:33 pm (UTC)

Like by the Arena??? I am so checking that out as soon as I get back around the area.

Post a review!

Mon, Mar. 30th, 2009 04:14 pm (UTC)

I will def review when i get around to it. Ive been very busy with a musical production im running sound for, so certainly when thats all wrapped up.