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What's your favorite Diner?
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NJ Diners, where to go!
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This community is devoted to discussion, and primarily reviews of Diners.

Whether it's a greasy spoon type place that has the word "White" in the name, a regular old prefab diner, or a true, old school railroad car diner, everyone has a favorite diner. Therefore, anyone in this community can review a diner.

Posts that aren't reviews of diners are okay, and even encouraged, but anything completely off-topic will be deleted, by me, your friendly moderator, damnitnicole. I don't much care if you promote other, relevant, communities in here (relevant = NJ or food related). I do ask that you include "X-posted in diner_review and [whatever else you've cross posted it to]" in your Cross-posts to other communities, as sort of a kickback for it.

However, there are some rules that we all need to follow. Read them before you post. Most or all of them are probably unnecessary for us civilized folk, but if you post here, I will assume it means you've read them and agree to them.